Running Saved My Life

From my childhood I struggled to get over the depression that was destroying my life. When psychotherapy and medication failed to help me, I turned to other roads. see the cons here joey atlas scam

Running saved my life, says the journalist for the” Washington Post which describes in an article that won the battle with depression. When I finished the Boston Marathon I thought this was my biggest win. But I realized that the most important fight of my life was chronic depression. And in the end I showed it to win it as well. I cannot say for sure when it started to monitor my daily gloomy thoughts. But I remember when I was 6 years old, crying constantly. Never sleeps at night and have done it when I had nightmares. I stopped eating and constantly felt that something was going to happen, either my parents or me. Plagued with severe headaches and I started paranoid thoughts and I get panic attacks.

That first day I walked a lot and when I came back I was excited about the paths that I had discovered. My mother was curious about how I walk put me in the car and saw that I had 45 kilometers-who did far more good for my mental health than what all the treatments and medications. From that moment on I walked hours and hours almost every day. Whenever I had free time I walked, all weekend, covering many miles each time and even more in the summer. Often getting a backpack and sleeping outside in the evenings.

At first my mother was worried mainly because I insisted to be alone. But the dramatic change in my mood reassured her. Since then whenever I stop exercising depressive symptoms reappear strongly about it and now I always try to follow a lifestyle that allows me to long walks or jogging. Now whenever I feel bad, I go out and run. Usually my mood improves just get out the door, I think partly because I take the responsibility to do something. The faster you run the sooner makes my mood. When covering long distances, my thoughts are not just positive and creative, Improves Mental Health There is many medical studies that confirm that running improves mental health.